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Protect your lungs with this
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and comfortable respirator.

  • Breathe easy.
  • Easy kit configuration.
  • Built for performance.

Developed in collaboration with Tier 1 operators, it provides a better means of protection while training in compromised environments.

If You Are Shooting, You Are Exposed

How Does Damage Occur?

It's worth knowing the risks.

Damage, however, does not necessarily occur from a single, large exposure. So, it's important to note that even incremental exposure over the long term can have adverse effects. This fact makes lead exposure an occupational risk for members of the military and law enforcement. Those who use and train with live rounds are exposed to lead with every pull of the trigger. Wearing ear and eye protection at the shooting range is protocol. But how many soldiers and officers regular wear a protective respirator while shooting? Likely, the answer is few if any.

The Damaging Effects of Lead

Measured a half-life of lead particles in the blood between twenty-eight and thirty-six days.

If you inhale lead dust or fumes, the body deposits that lead in organs and bones, where it can cause heavy and lasting damage: high blood pressure, digestive issues, organic damage, infertility, and decreased libido, memory loss, mood disorders, weakness, and hearing and vision problems, among other symptoms.

How Do We Minimize Lead Exposure and Train Safely?

The first step in treating lead exposure or lead poisoning is to remove the source of the lead. If your lead levels are relatively low, that change might be enough to treat lead exposure.

Since removing the source of exposure is not always possible, those who suffer from lead exposure need to mitigate their risk moving forward. So, if you are in a line of work that entails the use of firearms, you should take your exposure to lead seriously. You should see a physician about your lead levels and exposure risk. And then you should consider purchasing a tactical respirator, like the TR2, to use on the job or at the training range.

What is the TR2 and why should you care?

You never know what's in the air or when you need to be prepared. The TR2 was built to provide you protection in compromised environments while maintaining comfortability and easily kit configuration.

Protect your lungs

in compromised environments.

Easy integrate

with or without helmets.

Lightweight and breathable

during strenuous activity.


interchangeable filters


strap for different configurations


no weapon interference


lighter than competition

The TR2 is Perfect if You Want...

  • Maximum breathability during strenuous activity.
  • Something light and compact.
  • Replaceable cartridges.
  • Minimize eye pro fogging and heat.
  • Communication systems with IP67-rated microphone.
  • No ambient sounds of wind or breath.

I finally got one of your tr2, I love it. The design and everything, it works great

Ronald Pangestu,

Got my TR2! I’m so excited. I love it

Andrew Stockhecker,

Why Everyone Loves Ventus Respiratory

Easy helmet adapter for comfort.

Designed to easily integrate the TR2 respirator into existing helmet units. Built-in flex zones allow for improved comfort and head articulations. Helmet clip is compatible with Ops-Core(R), Team Wendy Exfil Rail 3.0 and Galvion(TM) helmet rail systems.

Protect your lungs and avoid jeopardizing coms. Mic and cable for clear communications.

The TR2 provides extremely clear communications with integration into the most common systems. Endorsed by Tier 1 operators for its unparalleled clarity during breaching and training exercises.

No fog. Our high-flow exit valve propels air away from your face, keeping any optics clean and ready.

The TR2's high-flow exit valve directs exhaled air away from the user's face. This provides maximum breathability and minimizes eye pro fogging caused by uncomfortable heat or moisture build-up.

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4.8 based on 119 reviews

I received my TR2 today, and love it. Great product!

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Thank you. Just wanted to add that I’m very happy with my TR2 purchase.

Jason Sharpe

Amazing product, and thank you for the incredibly fast shipping

Jeff Greene

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Ventus Respiratory Customers Love the TR2

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4.8 based on 119 reviews



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  • Developed in collaboration with Tier 1 operators.
  • Low profile design and highly breathable.
  • One-size fits most, never worry about interference again.
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