Ventus Respiratory Technologies is a new standard for respiratory protection for law enforcement, armed forces, and first responders

Leading a new standard

Contaminated particulate exposure can occur in multiple environments and occupations, particularly during complex operations and high-volume training.

Ventus' TR2 Tactical Respirator is specifically designed for the unique situations where gas masks are encumbering and are not a mission fit.

Built for Operators

No training scars / No weapons interference

The compact form keeps the bulk of the respirator away from the user's cheek. This permits a proper cheek weld while maintaining a seal.

Compact and Lightweight

40% lighter than the competition. Allows for comfort and extended wear.

Key Applications

Proper respiratory protection can provide a critical layer of safety.

  • Breaching and Explosive Force Entry (EFE)
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB)
  • Indoor and outdoor ranges
  • Drug interdictions
  • Disaster Response
  • Operating in known or unknown toxic environments such as derelict infrastructure, industrial complexes, contraband production facilities


IP67-rated microphone delivers clear communications with left or right installation options.

The microphone picks up audio free of ambient sounds such as those caused by wind or breath.