Built for Operators

No training scars / No weapons interference

The compact form keeps the bulk of the respirator away from the user's cheek. This permits a proper cheek weld while maintaining a seal.

Compact and Lightweight

40% lighter than the competition. Allows for comfort and extended wear.

Filtration Capabilities

TR2 replaceable filter cartridges

· Filters 97% of solid airborne particulates down to 0.3µm

· Maximum breathability even during strenuous activity

· Filter housing is made from biodegradable plastic known to pass ASTM D6400

· Simple and quick filter replacement

Maximum Breathability

The TR2's high-flow exit valve directs exhaled air away from the user's face. This provides maximum breathability and minimizes eye pro fogging caused by uncomfortable heat or moisture build-up.

Superior Communications

IP67-rated microphone delivers clear communications with left or right installation options. The microphone picks up audio free of ambient sounds such as those caused by wind or breath.

Seamless Integrations

Helmet Adapter

Designed to easily integrate the TR2 respirator into existing helmet units. Built-in flex zones allow for improved comfort and head articulations. Helmet clip is compatible with Ops-Core(R) and Galvion(TM) helmet rail systems

Mic & Cable

The TR2 provides extremely clear communications with integration into the most common systems. Endorsed by Tier 1 operators for its unparalleled clarity during breaching and training exercises.