TR2 Respirator in action

Rethink Protection Program

The RPP gives you quantitative data on exactly what heavy metals the TR2 Respirator filtered from the air

Firearms discharge, heavy metals, lead dust, and fumes can cause major respiratory problems. The TR2 will filter these air borne contaminants and the RPP will tell you exactly what was filtered

How it works.

1. Choose a package tailored for your team (see below).

2. Deploy the TR2's to your team

3. Send Ventus used filters

Ventus will analyze filters at an independent laboratory and will send you the filter test results and personalized insights.

Scan and Breathe (5) - $1600

5 x TR2

5 x Helmet Straps

2 x 5-Pack Filters

5 x Filter Tests and Data Report


Shoot, Move, Communicate (10) - $4,300

10 x TR2s

10 x Helmet Straps

4 x 5-Pack Filters

10 x Mic Kits

10 x Filter Tests and Data Report


No Training Scars

Keeps the bulk of the respirator away from a user's cheek to allow a proper cheek weld while maintaining a seal. 


Filters 97% of solid airborne particulates down to 0.3µm. 


TR2 integrates with modern soldier systems, including helmets, chin straps, ear pro and eye pro.


(Mic kit sold separately) Proprietary accessory port with IP67-rated microphone delivers clear communications with left or right installation options


40% lighter than our leading rival.

Maximum Breathability

A high-flow exit valve directs exhaled air down and away from the face to maximize breathability and reduce eye pro fogging.

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